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Updated June 05, 2014

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The 2014 Robson Summer Dartfest did not produce the much hope for a head to head showdown between two of the finest darters in the land today - The Gunner vs The Titan.  Nonetheless, the 3-day event brought exciting and closely fought matches.  After the smoke has cleared, Lou won 2 events – Classified Doubles and the Open Singles, while Ian bagged the first Federation Cup crown.  This left the Pinoy darting nation hanging dry once again and aching to see more of these two great gladiators battle mano-a-mano with each other in the tournaments ahead.  

The Seniors’ event saw two colorful darters from Southern Luzon participate – the legendary Budz Dunham of Lucena, and Bracketing Master and Karaoke King, Ariel “Daboy” Sia of Daet.  Both did not figure well in the games but they were cheered heavenly by their townmates – Sam Cadiente, ramp walker Anne Navarro of Lucena, and candy crush ng bayan Leah Racelis.  The Seniors’ crown was won by come-backing Ed Alsmasco aka Iskat Weyts of Molino, Cavite, last year’s 3rd placer who bulldozed NFA auditor Dan Cardenio, Resorts World Champion in 2012.  Edong is slowly but surely rounding into his old fearsome form back when he was virtually unbeatable in big tournaments at the Ambassador Hotel three years ago. 

Tidbits… The two hotshots of QC Assassins, last year’s finalists in the 4-man event suddenly changed loyalty and transferred over to Barries/Tres Marias 4-man team.  Al Dadole and Mark Canapi brought along their lucky charm with them and together with Vince Develos and Ed Barsubia, made it to the semi-finals.  Along the way, they defeated the powerhouse Dominics 1 (Andrade/Villamor/Arceno/Salinas), and The Gunner team (Ilagan/Ybañez/Santos/Pagulayan) before falling down to the runner-up 4D team… 

A big surprise in the fixed doubles event – Upper Kalookan’s pride Direk Sam Cadiente and marine chef Benjamin Agustin Jr., barged into the 5th and 8th place.  They defeated Toto Rambano/Bibit Noble and Davao’s finest Longlong Longyapon and Yoko Quillope, and Arnel Baldonado-led Pasig team before narrowly losing to the eventual champion Villamor/Arceno tandem.   Jun San Agustin, a member of the 3-man champion team of the recent Philmaster’s tourney has gone a long way even though he is just new to the sport.  In gratitude, he will sponsor a P10K tourney in Samboy’s Kambingan before he leaves port…

More of the Seniors’ event… The reknown writer, Renato Mao Mauricio joined the event for the first time and immediately made his presence felt.  Nangangapa pa sa simula pero nanalo siya twice against strong opponents in dominating fashion.  Bumangga lang siya ng pader sa 3rd round against beaten finalist, Dan Cardenio at natalo.  Pero nakikita ko ulit ang kanyang deadly jump shot style of throwing which made him one of the premiere dart players in the early eighties.  Also seen playing was señor Cubie Ice Ballesca, birthday celebrant on June 25, who reached the top 16.  Di siya makaporma ng husto sa Sta. Lucia dahil bawal magsumbrero sa laro.  Yan kasi ang kanyang security blanket tuwing naglalaro.  Another strong player who entered the top 16 was Baguio darter Cyril Batawig.  Natapat lang siya sa bagyo-bagyong tirade ng kalaban na hindi na siguro mauulit sa susunod na mga laro, ang chamberong Chito Embrace.  Na-bagyo ko ang taga-Baguio. ..

Kudos to the NDFP for the well-organized and world class handling of the Robson Summer Dartfest - it is one tournament we all darters look forward to during the summer season.  

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