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The National Dart Foundation of the Philippines (NDFP) is a non-profit organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 1998. It was conceived to provide a vision, direction and leadership to the growth and development of darts in the Philippines. The NDFP believes that the Philippines has the potential and the human resources to produce international champions.

The NDFP is in the forefront of pursuing “breakaway challenges” of striking new directions and creating the national dart infrastructure through breakthrough dart tournaments, uplifting the image of darts through TV specials, dart mall tours, dart clinics and nationwide dart leagues.

The NDFP maintains nationwide support programs for the local dart organizations to expand the base of darters through market interventions in the natural breeding grounds of darts such as the barangays, schools, corporate agencies and the dart venues.

The NDFP created the only Dart Reference Manual specific for the Philippine market to provide basic knowledge for local organizing and program implementation. Dart Instructional VCDs were distributed to facilitate and teach basic technical skills enhancement.

NDFP Officers

list updated January, 2024

The Birth of the National Darts Federation of the Philippines

Darterong Pinoy in 1998, was the first dart event organized by the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines. It introduced multiple events in one day, single knockout format in all events and the seeded format in a major tournament, all standard practices today. This has since been the historical roots and the thrust of the foundation - to be at par with international standards, to set standards for dart excellence, to elevate darts as a mainstream sports, to change the image of darts and to provide a new vision for the growth of darts. The foundation undertook new directions and innovations such as the TusokAral - dart clinics, Dart Mall Tour, TV Specials, website, NDFP ranking events, Robson Dart League, Darterong Pinoy – Free Registration tournaments, Philippine Qualifier WDC to name a few. In the end, the foundation helped shape how darts is played today.

Today, Philippine darts is in a phenomenal dart revival, but unlike before, this new explosive growth of darts is anchored on a solid foundation, nurtured by a viable dart infrastructure. The foundation helped dart organizers create dart organizations, regional coordinators to regional federations, local tournaments to national tournaments. This dart infrastructure is led by the regional dart federations, aided by the vibrant nationwide local dart organizations, generating the support network for the nationwide recurrent dart activities and calendar of events where darters can prepare for through out the year.

Given this infrastructure, a new competitive dart environment is developing, our top darters are being sharpened, a new base of darters is expanding and new talents are being harnessed and molded. As we consolidate this new environment, we now look for new horizons beyond the Philippine shores.

Historically, the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines started as an advocacy group, derided by the boldness of its ambition and ridiculed in its vision for change. The foundation persevered, their vision and innovations has taken roots, a vibrant infrastructure is in place and a new dart culture is evolving. These happened with the affirmation and support of the federated nationwide darters. They have taken the moral integrity and authority to lead and has taken leadership in Philippine darts.

Hence forth, the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines as an advocacy and catalyst for change has outlived its formation. The future of Philippine darts lies in the men and women who pursued our vision and struggled to create a new dynamic and honorable dart environment. Leadership integration with these individuals, local organizations and regional federation can only be facilitated with the formation of the National Darts Federation of the Philippines. National representation is essential as we chart the course of Philippine darts, we need to build national consensus rather than dictate and we need to accommodate rather than exclude.

We enjoin darters to expand the formation of the nationwide local dart organizations and to support and be part of the National Darts Federation of the Philippines.

Drafted by Jong Gonzales (President MADF: Mindanao Archipelago Darts Federation)

The National Dart Foundation of the Philippines is in itself already an institution. Its goals and profound achievements can never be surpassed nor denied. It has shifted traditional and divisive approaches to dart development through a proactive and more holistic way of building a strong foundation and community of darters. It has brought Philippine darts into the mainstream of sports and into the world of professional darters. It has changed the image of darts and provided a new and clearer vision and strong commitment for the growth of darts. It has set standards of excellence, continuously improving them and virtually leading darters to achieve their best competence with high hopes and world-class aspirations. It has taken roots, it has grown, and viably sustaining.

We are the fruits of the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines. We were created and nurtured and naturally evolved into a vibrant infrastructure national in scope. We were led and are respected. We were bestowed with moral integrity and moral authority to lead. We were brought to the forefront of leadership – by ourselves, our respective organization, association, and through regional federations.

We believe that it is now time for the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines to preserve itself as an institution. Given the cohesive and truly representational dart organizations from all corners of the country, we believe that the Foundation shall now be formed into a National Federation – a federation of our organizations, a federation of competence, friendship and respect.

Thus, we, the darters and representatives of our respective dart organization, do hereby manifest to support and put our stake to the formation of the National Dart Federation of the Philippines. As a Federation, we will propagate, we will advocate, we will build consensus, we will accommodate, we will develop more competitive and world-class darters, and we will bring modest pride and great honor to ourselves, our families, our place, our organizations, and to our country.

This manifestation of support and affiliation starts this 2nd day of December 2007 and onwards.