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  • Foreword
The NDFP Dart Reference Manual is a product of the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines (NDFP) in its continuing effort and commitment to develop, uplift and expand Philippine darts.

There are no available materials for darters and organizers of tournaments and leagues in the Philippines. The NDFP hopes to fill this vacuum and provide a readily available, understandable reference manual, which can be picked up, studied and easily applied to dart tournaments and leagues.

This manual hopes to stimulate more organizing efforts by giving new organizers the know-how to organize their own tournaments. It sets some basic standards and introduces new and innovative concepts that can serve as alternatives in running and organizing tournaments and leagues. Moreover, organizers would now be able to organize tournaments and leagues on their own and not solely rely on others.

Dart development is a continuous process of learning and adapting innovations to help improve the game. It doesn’t happen overnight! But with the necessary information contained in this manual, the NDFP hopes to help accelerate the growth of Philippine darts through the darters, organizers and local dart associations.

NDFP has planted the seeds, it is now up to you to take care of the seeds and make them grow.

The NDFP Darts Reference Manual is a guide in organizing dart tournaments, dart leagues and dart associations. It is unique, in a sense, because it focuses more on the Philippine dart environment. It gives insights and information on basic tournament guidelines (including bracketing), sponsorship, budgeting and promotions, tournament requirements, organizing dart tournaments and dart leagues and organizing the local dart associations.

The manual establishes and reinforces the need for dart leagues. The NDFP believes that dart leagues contribute significantly to the growth of darts, thus, an entire section is devoted to dart leagues. It also provides a framework on basic management of tournaments from which an organizer could pick up some valuable insights. For new organizers, it is a tool to help create a tournament of their own. For current organizers, it could give them additional information on how to improve their organizing efforts in order to progress to a higher level.

You can either read the manual from cover to cover or just refer to the section that contains information you require on a specific topic. There are some things in the manual that might not be applicable to you and there are some things that you might not have the resources to do. Nonetheless, it enables you to make the proper choices – to know exactly what you want, why you want it and how to do it.

We are very much aware of the fact that Philippine dart environment would continue to evolve. As these major changes occur and as standards are improved, the Dart Handbook will likewise be updated and revised accordingly.

It is our belief that people who want to help Philippine darts should have the means to do so. By producing this manual, the NDFP sincerely hopes that we have exactly done just that.

Happy reading and happy darting!

Roberto "Tito" Soncuya
NDFP President