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Updated February 19, 2014
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The latest news exploding in the Philippine dart scene is about the Fil-Austrian making waves in the PDC Tour.  Yes siree – you heard it right, the Professional Darts Corporation Tour where Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis, Marwin and Gerwen, and other elite darters play.  He is Rowby John Rodriguez, all of 20 years old, good looking, and resembles closely a handsome version of Harry Potter.  He is still single and ready to mingle.  But ladies, don’t look twice coz he has a blonde girlfriend who has movie star looks. 

If you haven’t heard of Rowby, then you are probably sleeping in the kangkong garden and did not read the marvelous and intense article written by the incomparable New Zealand darts blogger, Ronnel B. Botor. Lil John or Ben as he is fondly called by his parents, Sonny and Maricel, is now one of the top 2 darters in his native Austria and occupies the top 70th place in the PDC Order of Merit.   Let’s keep watch of this newest darting phenom whom the Belgian superstar Kim Huybrecth called the biggest talent lately in the PDC Tour.

Featured Darter: Budz Dunham

Budz is a feared darter in the Southern Tagalog Region.  He hails from Lucena, Quezon and is the president of the Quezon Darts Association (QDA).  He started playing darts in the late 90’s and in 2004, he made his presence known by leading the QDA darters in beating the barnstorming Robson team of Boie Parfan, Ricky Mijares, et al at SM Lucena.

First question people asked him is why the foreign sounding name – Dunham.  Budz is unico hijo of an American father from California and a Filipina mother from Calauag, Quezon.  His blue-eyed dad was a US navy personnel whose heart was captured by a Filipina and stayed in the country for good.  Budz studied in California in his elementary days and obtained his American papers.  But nationalism prevailed and he waived his US citizenship and came back to his native land for good. 

Second question – what’s the size of your t-shirt – easily 7XL.  Budz was a top ping-pong and tennis player during his younger days and his playing partners include the likes of ex-congressman and now Agriculture secretary, Proceso Alcala.  When his knees could no longer take the pounding, he shifted to darts.  He is one of the few darters who do not drink beer and so every game in the playing board, he takes a bottle of Coke with him.  Because he is good and usually reaches the top 4 of every tournament, he consumes almost half a case of Coke.  That’s the reason why he has ballooned to 300lbs, his playing weight right now. 

Third question – who were you before darts?  Budz was a banker and worked with RCBC as a savings/current bookkeeper.  He was a hardcore jeprox in college and he wore long hair up to his waist.  But since there is a bank policy on good grooming, he hides it by braiding his hair and tucking it in the back of his polo barong.  But his hippie appearance belies his being a good son and a good father to his 2 kids.  He now takes care of his disabled father 24/7.  His 2childredn are both UP scholars and finished college already.  He is very supportive of his wife who is a teacher in Lucena.  Although he sleeps only about 4 hours daily coz he likes to play Zynga Poker at night, Budz is a model son, dad, loving husband and is worth honoring. 

Tidbits:  Nakausap ko ang Philippines’ most talkative darter and the most sought after doubles partner two Sundays ago, Rey Chabeng Ilda.  Me napulot na naman akong bagong words of wisdom sa kanya.  If you remember, he is the author of Tirang Durog and Tirang Gulang.  May nagtatanong sa kanya ano ang pinaka importante na matutunan para manalo sa tournaments?  Ang sagot niya – kumpiyansa.  Kaya ka nga nagpa-practice araw-araw ay para magkaroon ka ng kumpiyansa sa pukol mo.  Kahit ilang oras ka mag-practice pero pagdating sa laro, may duda ka pa rin at walang kumpiyansa, di ka tatama at matatalo sa huli.  Chamba na lang ang maging panalo.  Tumpak ka naman dyan, Chabeng. 

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