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Updated August 28, 2013
A Busy Dart Weekend
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We are the champions, my friends.
And we’ll keep on fighting till the end.
We are the Champions.
We are the Champions.
No time for losers
Cause WE are the Champions of the World.

The Philippines, represented by Team One Philippines (TOP), ruled the 2013 IDF (International Dart Federation) Darts World Cup in Shanghai, China last week.  They won the national team event title beating the powerhouse USA team in the closely contested finals.  In the semifinals, they met the dangerous Singapore team bannered by the legendary Paul Lim but the unstoppable Pinoys crushed them without mercy. Japan and Singapore placed joint 3rd and 4th places.  This tournament is the annual soft tip darts competition organized by the IDF and sponsored by DartsLive dart machines. The tournament was participated by many countries including Great Britain, Canada, and Australia among others...

The victorious TOP team is composed of Lou “The Gunner” Ilagan, Bruno  “Ace Ventura” Parungao,  Edward “The Heartthrob”  Santos, Alain “The General” Abiabi, Mon “The Derby Cocker” Sabalboro, Angie “The Jaypee” Valmadrid and it is managed by Steve “The Barrel Chest” Dorotheo and Eduard “The Kaiser” Engel. Well done, guys.  You make us and the rest of the country proud.

Then the next event also in Shanghai, China was the Stage 5 of The World tournament and The Gunner Lourence Ilagan reigned supreme and beat the acknowledged No.1 player in Soft Tip competition, the legendary Paul Lim. The much awaited contest was a battle royale and a take no prisoner, no quarters given contest between two great gladiators. The Australian Rob Modra, very familiar to Pinoy darters and Japan’s Yuji Eguchi occupied  joint 3rd and 4th places.

In Malaysia, Andy “the Terminator” Villamor came in second in the Home and Away Singles Dart Tournament. Pinoys are now in Malaysia in preparation for the rich Maluri Open.

Meanwhile in the local scene, the Kadayawan Darts Festival in Davao City saw the revitalized, re-energized  Ian “The Titan” Perez lording it over the field, beating the recently added Robson teammate Bong Gabiana in the Singles finals. After Ian’s forgettable game in the recent Tsadarts tournament in CDO, he has shown fire in his eyes and rounding into top fighting form. Going to the finals Ian beat Tsadarts singles champion Yoko Quilope and come backing Dixie Ibanez. He is mad and watch out dartpips for this guy in the second half of the year. CDO’s Dixie Ibanez and Davao’s Ogie Castello were in the top 4.  The 2 Gensan teams figured in the 4-man team finals and Agendarts 2 composed of Bobot Tobianosa, Lito Peresores, Pier Mayol, and Ronnie Rosal won the championship. 

Whew!  That was a hectic week for darts.  But we are not through yet. There are still more and  more big tourneys to come...........  On Saturday is the P50T Jun Binay Cup in Makati, a no entry fee tournament.  Continue hitting the boards, guys for in October 11-13, NDF will hold it’s much anticipated and the biggest no entry fee tourney in the country – The P150T Darterong Pinoy 2013 tournament.  I heard my beloved Cagayan de Oro darters, with Dartfathers in command  will conduct elimination rounds and send a powerful squad for this tourney.  See you mga bai dito sa Manila .......... Later tonite is the guaranteed P5T bday tournament  of Tres Marias founder, Reggie “Ambo” Francisco in his cozy dart pub in Malate, Manila..........There are about 20 pinoy darters who flew to Kuala Lumpur for the Maluri Open this weekend.   Kap Logie Estacio, still grieving, is there in Malaysia not to play in the tournament but to see and climb the Petronas Towers.......The victorious TOP darters will be there too as well as the cutest pinoy darter ever, second only to Pretty Boy Toto Andrade , Cutie Pinoy Ally Salazar. Powerhouse Team Shangai Darts led by evenly balanced beauties Andy Villamor-Andrade-Prussian-Salinas and the team of Gionzon-Parfan-Ocampo and Ulang among others are geared for battle. Focused guys on the boards and not on the gurls...... Make us proud!!

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