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Darts used in league play shall not exceed an overall maximum length of 30.5 cm or 12 inches, nor weigh more than 50 grams per dart.  At the start of each throw, each dart shall consist of a recognizable point, barrel, and flight.

All league matches, including tournaments, shall be on standard-type, bristle dartboards with the “twenty” bed in black or the darkest color. Spider wires must be visible and unbroken.  The double and triple rings must be within a tolerance of 1/16” of the normal gap 5/16” in any segment.  Problems should be corrected before the match is started.

Prior to the match, both team captains shall check the dartboard.  If the board is acceptable, then no protest will be allowed.  However, the captain of any team objecting to the condition of any approved dartboard may protest the match to the League Statistician or the Technical Committee before proceeding with the match. Competition shall be conducted on dartboards meeting the satisfaction of both team captains.

The center of the bull for all dartboards shall be 5 ft. 8 inches from the floor.

Hockey Line (Throw Line)
The hockey line shall be 7 ft. 9 ¼ inches from the surface of the board to the front of the line, measured along the floor to a plumb line hanging from the face of the board.  The hockey line shall be placed parallel to the board and be at least 36 inches in length.  (Note:  A simpler method of locating the hockey line is to measure from the center of the bull, on a diagonal, to the floor.  The length of the diagonal, to the front of the hockey line, shall be 115.5 inches.)


Before the Match Begins
Warm-up Session
Dartboards must be cleared thirty minutes before game time to allow for warm-up session.
Board Assignments
Team name plates will be posted on designated board assignments before game time.

Two-Board Format
With the consent of both captains, teams may use two dartboards to play their match, if extra boards are available.

Toss Coin
Winner of the toss coin has the following options: a) to make the player line-up on the left or on the right side of the score sheet;  b) to start games 1,3,5,7,9, 11,13 or pass the turn to the other team and start games 2,4,6,8 10,12  instead. 

Player Line-ups
Team captains shall exchange line-ups:

Division A & B
(a) For game 1 which is an open line-up;
(b) Prior to the 2nd game for games 2 to 6;
(c) For game 7 for any player replacements, and;
(d) For game 13, which is an open line-up game.  (Note:  To minimize problems that have arisen in the past, please make sure that the players listed in the player slots 1 to 4 remain in their playing slots from games 2 to 6  unless alternates will replace them and continue playing in their playing slots.  Players who are not replaced should continue playing in their slots for games  7 to 13. Players who arrive after the game time may play as long as they are posted in the line-up and are ready to play at the start of their turn.  A player can play a maximum of  seven (7) games.  Alternates can start playing in game 7  only.

Three-Player Line-up
A team with three players may NOT play a match and will be in default upon official default time of 8:31PM.

Playing the Match
Basic Configuration
All games are worth one (1) point for a total of Thirteen Points (13) per Match

Starting Time
Starting time is 8:00 PM.  The official forfeit time is 8:31 PM but try to prevent forfeits, even if your opponent may be late.  Remember, it is in the best interest of both teams to arrive in time to warm up before the match. Both Team Captains of opposing teams may agree to start their match before 8:00PM. The official time shall be dictated by the clock located inside the venue.

Practice During the Match
Each player is entitled to a maximum of six (6) darts warm up for each game. Any player, whether actively involved in a game or not, may practice on an open board as long as it does not interfere with a match in progress.


The entry fee of P1,000 per team should be paid in full, on the 3nd week (June 24) of the league. No Entry Fee Payment, No Play Policy.


Dress Code
Shorts, slippers, sandals, sandos, sleeveless shirts, caps and other types of headgear (unless for religious purposes,) are not allowed.

Team Uniform
As agreed, Team uniforms are mandatory and are enforceable on the 3rd week (June 24) of the league.  Uniforms should be worn specifically during play.  No Uniform, No Play Policy.  Team uniforms are defined to have the same color and look, and should bear the identifiable  team logo or name, and name of players.  No borrowing of uniforms.


Legal Turn
Each dart player shoots a maximum of three (3) darts per turn, by and from the hand.  Darts must be thrown toward the dartboard in a safe and sane manner so as not to  endanger the safety of any person nor damage or deface any furnishings or equipment in the establishment.  Once a turn is completed, or the shooter has busted, no more darts may be thrown during the turn.  No practice darts are permitted on the game board during a game in progress! A dart that is not propelled toward the dartboard, even if it is dropped over the hockey line, may be picked up and thrown.

End of Turn
If a player removes any dart from the board or touches any dart in the dartboard during a turn, that turn has ended and all thrown darts shall be scored.  Example:  A player throws two darts and, thinking that it is a bust when in fact it is not, proceeds to pull them from the board.  The score for those two darts shall stand and the player may not throw the third dart nor re-throw the turn.  Or having a hard time determining where the dart landed touches his dart, automatically he loses his turn to throw any remaining darts, and whatever dart has been thrown will be scored.

Throwing Out of Turn
A player shoots out of turn if he throws his darts out of the player listed sequence or rotation.  Example:  In the team line-up of listed players for the 1001, a player throws out of turn if he throws his darts second when in fact he was listed as the third player or throws first in the doubles wherein he was listed to throw as the second player.  If any player shoots out of turn, and the opposing team notices the out of turn play, finish the game and then the opposing team has the option of replaying the game if they lose.  This rule does not apply to teams who mistakenly and inadvertently start a game they should not start.

Throwing Out of Player Slot
A player throws out of player slot when he plays in a game wherein he should not be playing.
Example: A player listed in player slot number 1, should only play in player number 1 in games 2 to 8. If in game 8 he plays in player slot number 2, then he plays out of player slot.  If a team plays out of slot then the opposing team has the option to replay the game if they lose. This usually happens in the second half when alternates come in and listed players in slots 1 to 4 are reshuffled. Players who are not replaced should stay in their player slots. If the opposing team notices that a team played out of slot after the game has ended and before the start of  the next game, it still has the option of replaying the  game if they lost in that game. However, if the first dart for the next game has already been thrown, the result of the game in question shall stand. To avoid throwing out of slot, the team captains should consciously check the player line-up of the score sheet before the start of the match.

Position of the Thrower
The throw line or hockey line must be observed at all times. Players are encouraged to practice self-awareness and impose the same to fellow team mates in observing the hockey line. No part of foot, foot covering or foot substitute (i.e., crutches, cane, etc.) may cross the line.  If, after a first warning, the line is crossed, the opposing team has the option of having the turn re-thrown or allowing it to stand.  The warning should be directed to the thrower's team captain and the team captain shall warn the offending player. The warning should come immediately after the third dart is thrown.  A player wishing to throw a dart or darts from a point on either side of the hockey line must remain behind an imaginary straight line extending from either side of the hockey line.
1st Offense : Warning in particular game
2nd Offense : Forfeiture of player turn and score
3rd Offense : Forfeiture of the whole game

Scoring '01 Games
All 01 games (501, 701 and 1001) shall end with an exact double.  If a thrower's dart(s) would reduce his/her score to a single point or less (not counting and exact double, which is a double that reduces the score to zero), the thrower has “busted” and the score remains as it was at the beginning of the turn. When a player throws an exact double, the game is over. If a player hits the winning double and throws another dart without realizing the game is over, the additional thrown dart cannot bust, the game is still over.  A winning dart cannot be busted.

Legally Scoring a Dart
Only those darts, which have their points sticking in the board upon the completion of a turn, are scored.  Darts that rebound from the board, stick into others darts or do not stay in the board for five seconds after the third dart is thrown do not score. The spider wires shall be used to determine the scoring zone within which a dart has landed.  The color and/or physical relief of the dartboard shall not be considered in determining the score. Any darts mistakenly thrown by a player after scoring the required “double” shall not be counted as the respective leg, set or match is considered concluded by the dart scoring the required “double”.

Scoring Etiquette
1. Players must not touch or remove their darts until they have written their scores.
2. Players are to seek the acknowledgment of the opposing team for triple hits prior to recording their scoring.


Team Composition
Each Team will be comprised of a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of eight (8) players.

League Format
The League Format shall be dependent upon the number of teams and the number of weeks allotted for the conference. The following standard practices shall be applied:

Division A (13 Games Format / 6 Teams)
a. Eliminations – Double Round Robin
b. Semi-Finals – Top 4 Teams (1 vs 4; 2 vs 3)
c. Finals – Winners of the Semi-Finals

Division B  (13 Games Format / 18 Teams each)
a. Eliminations - 2 Groups
b. Top 1 Teams – Automatic Semi-Finals
f. Battle for 3rd – Losers of the Semi-Finals
c. Quarter Finals – 2A vs 3B; 2B vs 3A
d. Semi-Finals – 1A vs W2B&3A; 1B vs W2A&3B
e. Finals – Winners of the Semi-Finals

Match Format
Division A & B
There are a total of thirteen (13) games per match.
Each game is equivalent to one (1) point or one (1) win.
All games are best of one.  Games are as follows:
Game 01 : Open Line-up 1001(min of 4 and max of 8 players)
Game 02 : Doubles 501
Game 03 : Doubles 501
Game 04 : Singles 501
Game 05 : Singles 501
Game 06 : Singles 501         
Game 07 : 4-Man Team 701
Game 08 : Doubles 501
Game 09 : Singles 501
Game 10 : Singles 501
Game 11 : Doubles 501
Game 12 : Doubles 501      
Game 13 : Open Line-Up 1001 (min of 4 and max of 8 players)
First half is Games 1 to 6 and the second half is Games 7 to 13.  Player replacement starts in game 7, if any.

League Highlights
The following are the league highlights:
- Ton 80
- High Scores T21 and Over
- Double Bull Out
- High outs T21 and Over

All highlights should be listed beside the player's name in the score sheet.  List downthe scores made such as T33 HS (high score), T42 HO (high out), 5O DB (double bull out), etc. All highlights will be posted in the Weekly Results Sheet and will be used as the basis for the Special Awards.

Submission of Score Sheets
- Both teams must accomplish their own score sheet.
- Only highlights appearing on both score sheets will be included in the tabulation of highlights.
- Both teams must submit their score sheet irrespective of whether they win or lose.
- Team captain of winning team must ensure that both score sheets are signed and all data (especially highlights) is complete and certified true and correct before submission to the League Statistician.
- Winning team will submit both score sheets to the League Statistician.

Technical Committee
The Team Captains, before the start of the league conference, will vote on the number of members who shall comprise the Technical Committee and will elect the members of the Technical Committee among themselves. The League Statistician and the League Organizer are automatic members of the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee will hear disputes between teams and complaints against individual members. It has the power to adjudicate and render final decisions on league disputes and complaints and to impose and remove penalties.  No committee member may vote in a dispute involving his/her team. Technical Committee Members of this League are identified as follows: Tito Soncuya, Marvin Orlina, Rey Santos, Joey Estanislao, and Bobong Santos.

League Statistician
The League Statistician will set the schedule of matches, tabulate the results and highlights and is the league contact person for updates and any questions.

League Tournament
If the schedule allows, the Technical Committee will set the event, date and entry fee for the League Dart Tournament open only to league players. This will be held on a regular league night. Awarding of tournament trophies will be held during the League Awards Night. )


League Awards Night
The League Awards Night shall be held on the day of the League Championship or whenever deemed convenient by the Technical Committee.

Awards and Trophies
Team Awards
The top three (3) teams in each Division will be given Team Trophies.
The Champion Team will receive individual trophies.

Special Individual Awards (Per Division)
Player with the most highlights will be given a special trophy.
Trophy to the player/s with the most T80s.
Trophy to the player/s with the most or highest double bull out.
Trophy to the player/s with the most or highest high out.
Any special award or trophy deemed special by the sponsor.

Cash Prize
The entry fee of P1,000 goes to the cash prize fund to be divided based on the number of wins. Computation is as follows:  Divide the total cash prize (P1,000 X team entries + fines, if any + sponsorships, if any) with the total games played.  This is the value of each game multiplied by the number of wins. All teams with wins will have a share of the cash prize. The total number of games excludes the play-offs but includes the semi-finals and the finals.

Example: There are a total of ten (10) teams participating in Division A with an entry fee of P1,000.00 per team without fines and sponsorships. Therefore, the total prize money is P 10,000.00.

Game breakdown is as follows:
Elimination Five (5) matches /week x thirteen (13) games/match x eleven (11) weeks : 715
Semi-Finals Two (2) matches x thirteen (13) games : 26
Finals Two (2) matches x thirteen (13) games : 26
Total Games Played : 767
Therefore, the value of each game is P10,000.00 divided by 767 games or P13.04 per game won.


Personal Conduct of Members
League members must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.  Heckling, harassing or distracting a shooter will not be tolerated nor will foul or insulting language or physical violence.  Complaints about improper conduct must be made to the Technical Committee within one week of their occurrence.  The committee may penalize the offending player by revoking his/her right to play in league tournaments or, in extreme circumstances, may expel him/her from the league for a specified period of time.

If any part of the match is in question and the captains cannot settle the dispute, please remain calm and play out the match.  Get in touch with the Technical Committee and lodge a protest.  Do not wait to file a protest or it may be too late.  All protests must be filed within 24 hours of a dispute and/or incident. Postponement of Games
There will be no postponements of matches.  In extreme cases that may arise due to natural calamities and political emergencies, the Technical Committee can declare postponement of league matches. A notice of at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled games must be given by the team requesting for postponement. Unless teams receive an official announcement from the League Statistician, games will go on as scheduled. Postponements / re-scheduling of games will only be entertained / allowed under special circumstances.

Scheduling of Games
The organizers of this dart league reserve the right to schedule and re-schedule games in favor of National Dart Tournaments sanctioned and/or sponsored by the National Darts Federation of the Philippines.

Forfeits / Defaults
Matches that are not played will be declared as forfeits and the forfeiting team will have zero wins and the opposing team will have the maximum number of wins (13-0). Any team that forfeits a match twice during or any match after the Elimination Round will be dropped from the league and their prize money automatically forfeited.  All matches played and the remaining matches to be played will be forfeited in favor of the opposing teams.

Any team dropped from the league due to non-appearance, disciplinary expulsion and any other reason by the Technical Committee will have all their matches forfeited (both for matches played and remaining matches) and their prize money forfeited.

Bond Fee
To discourage teams to default games, each team will deposit a Bond Fee of P500 to be given together with the entry fees on the 3rdd playing week (June 24).  Each default amounts to P500, and amount collected from default(s) will be added to the league cash prize.

Changes/Additions in Team Line-ups
Additions / changes in the team line-ups will only be allowed:
(a) until the 6th playing week (July 15)
(b) if the team still has open slots in its line-up (maximum of eight (8) slots) and
(c) if the player to be changed has not played in any game. Additions after the 6th week, July 15 (even if the team still has open slots in its line-up) will not be allowed. The name of the new player/s must first be submitted to the League Statistician. New players will not be allowed to play unless prior approval / clearance have been given by the Team Captains of the division where the player belongs.

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