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The National Darts Federation of the Philippines is launching the NDFP Identification and Privilege Card. This is an identification card to formally integrate individuals who subscribe to the plans, programs, vision and direction of the NDFP. This also entitles individuals to the privileges that the NDFP will extend to card holders.

Purposes of the NDFP Card

The NDFP ID is an identification card that identifies the cardholder as registered with the NDFP. The NDFP ID will have the full Name, Address, Date of Birth, and a bar code.

• The NDFP ID is a privilege card that entitles the cardholder to discounts and privileges negotiated by the NDFP and NDFP Affiliated Local Dart Organizations (ALDO). Examples are the 5% discount on all Robson Products in all Chris Sports retail stores or discounted tournament entry fees in NDFP organized or supported tournaments.
The discounts and privileges for cardholders will be an on-going process by the NDFP and ALDO, that will appear in the NDFP website showing the list of stores, venues, and other places where the NDFP ID will be honored.

• The NDFP ID can also include the logo of the NDFP Affiliated Local Dart Organization (ALDO), thus, the NDFP ID can also serve as membership ID of the ALDO. The inclusion of the logo needs the signed approval of the President or the duly authorized representative of the ALDO.

• The NDFP ID will facilitate registration during NDFP tournaments and to minimize the use of different names, nicknames and aliases through the use of the bar code reader to read the bar code in the NDFP ID.

• The NDFP ID is open to all individuals, and not only to members of the Affiliated Local Dart Organizations, who support the NDFP programs and directions when he/she signs the individual application form for the NDFP ID.

• The NDFP ID is a darter ID which can be shown to the proper authorities to clarify the carrying of long pointed darts sets when the need arises.

Length of Validity

The NDFP Player Registration and Privilege card will have validity of 5 years. The Card will expire after 5 years, unless terminated due to acts prejudicial to the NDFP, after due process. The card is renewable in terms of form/aesthetic and alpha numeric coding.

Registration Fee

The NDFP ID Registration Fee is P120.00


The answer to following Basic Questions is in a separate upload - ID PROCEDURES
• How to get the Application Form
• How to submit Application Form and Photo to NDFP
• How to Pay for the ID
• How to get the ID

To get an Application Form

Download application form v.23: here

Basic Requirements to have an NDFP ID:

1. Fill up the Application Form in full (incomplete applications will not be honored)
2. Provide 1x1 or 2x2 photo – white background preferable (we will resize to fit ID card)
3. Pay Registration Fee of P120.00.

On Site Registration (NDFP Dart Activities) / Walk-In

• Fill up application form / NDFP rep takes picture / pay 120.00
• Pinpoint mode of delivery – pick up (office, next tournament or venue hangout) / postal delivery

Online Registration

• Download Application Form

• Submit Application form and photo to:
- Email address: id@ndfpdarts.com
- Facebook Personal Message: www.facebook.com/ndfpdarts
Please send in jpg. format the application form and digitalized photo.

• Pay for ID
- Direct Bank Deposit
- Check via Courier
- Other modes of accepted payment
Highly recommended if you can group together your payment

• Choose means to get the ID
- Pick up in NDFP Office, dart tournament, venue hangout
- Postal Service
- If grouped together free Courier service minimum of 12 cards

For NDFP Affiliated Local Dart Organizations (ALDO)

For members of the Affiliated Local Dart Organization that will have their logos printed in the ID Card herein is the procedure

• Members of the Affiliated Local Dart Organization (ALDO):
- Fill Up application form / have a digital or hard copy picture / pay P120.00 ID fee
- Submit to ALDO President or his duly authorized representative to confirm membership.

• President or his representative collates and submits to the NDFP Office – Basic Requirements (form-photo-payment) plus High Resolution dart organization logo through:
- Courier service – Application Form and photo.
A post dated check payment (3 days from receipt of NDFP) if direct deposit will not be made.
- Email to id@ndfpdarts.com in jpg. format the application forms and applicants photo.
We highly recommend not to scan the applicant’s photo but to send digital photo.
- Personal Message to Facebook – www.facebook.com/ndfpdarts
- Send Payment to NDFP
Direct Office Payment – Cash or check
Bank direct deposit
Check payment through courier service
Other negotiated payment modes

• President or ALDO representative Identifies mode of delivery for the ID cards
- Pick up at the NDFP Office, next tournament, venue hangout
- Courier Service – minimum of 12 cards will be free C/O NDFP
- Postal Delivery
- Others

All other questions and clarifications please send personal message to www.facebook.com/ndfpdarts or email to id@ndfpdarts.com

Printable Version

Download Letter to ALDO: here


To all NDFP Affiliated Dart Organizations,

The National Darts Federation of the Philippines is launching the NDFP ID-Privilege Card whose main purpose is to integrate all individuals who subscribe to the Plans and Programs of the NDFP. This is also a privilege card that entitles the cardholder to special discounts and privileges.

As an NDFP Affiliated Local Dart Organization, we are giving you the option to include in the NDFP ID your dart organization logo. This will identify the player as a member of your organization and thus can also serve as membership card for your local dart organization.

To avail of this option, we need confirmation of membership from the President or his authorized representative that the NDFP card applicant is a member in good standing in your dart organization before we include the local dart logo. The step by step procedure is outlined under the ID Procedure for Affiliated Local Dart Organizations.

The NDFP ID is also open to non-members of the Affiliated Local Dart Organizations and specific procedures are also outlined under the ID Procedures.

For full details of the NDFP ID-Privilege Card please check www.id-privileges.ndfpdarts.com for:
• Application Form download
• General Information sheet
• ID Procedures
• Sample of ID
• Letter to President of NDFP Affiliated Local Organizations

We are looking forward to the successful launch of the NDFP ID Card. Please get in touch with us for any questions through:
• Email address: id@ndfpdarts.com
• Facebook Personal Message: www.facebook.com/ndfpdarts
• Mobile Phone: Ryan Suarez 0932-9619157
• NDFP Tel. Office: Ryan Suarez (+02) 372-3541 local 122

In Darts We Unite,

Roberto “Tito” Soncuya
President, NDFP