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63 participants
Champion Ian Perez
2nd Place Andy Villamor
Joint 3rd/4th Jojo Barellano
Ogie Castelo
Joint 5th/8th Emboy Cerna
Ronald Locsin
Boy Chucas
EJ Rebollos
Youth Ladies Singles
8 participants
Champion Honey Arciosa
2nd Place Kate Larroza
Joint 3rd/4th Maria Elena Pasol
Cyra Jane Cabusas
Joint 5th/8th Theresa Doctor
Julian Gillduga
Erica Marie Dela Rama
Alona Cacbay
Youth Mens Singles
12 participants
Champion DJ Tongcopanon
2nd Place Nathaniel Sapal
Joint 3rd/4th Renz Capadoza
Jezon Tagalog
Joint 5th/8th Elwin Dialagdon
Jojo Uhagan
Howelle Gajo
Dodie Nonesa
96 participants (48pairs)
Champion Andy Villamor
Apple Satore
2nd Place Bebot Mangle
Dubert Victorio
Joint 3rd/4th Jun Noynay
Bobot Estrellan
Dodong Rosales
Eric Sadiang-Abay
Joint 5th/8th Ronnie Rosal / Eugene Sarceda
Robert Arciosa / DC Tongcopanon
Ryan Fernandez / EJ Rebollos
Boy Chucas / Lando Cabusas
Updated Oct. 15, 2012  

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