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Youth Players Land in Top 4 of
Robson Dart Series P12,000 Classified Draw Triples




Storm Signal No.1 was raised in Metro Manila, there were threats of flash floods, rain was pouring, winds were howling, brownouts were on and off – but Mother Nature failed to dampen the spirit of darters to the inaugural Robson Dart Series. The Robson Dart Series P12,000 Classified Draw Triples, held last May 13, 2006 at the Common Room Sports Bar in Marikina City, drew ninety-nine players from all over the metropolis.

The draw triples was the culmination of the day long festivities of the 1st Inter-City Invitational Dart Championship. The majority of the players from the inter-city stayed especially the youth players; the rest who were weary and forlorn went home. True to form, with youthful energy, three young players, 14-year old Michael Javier of UDT, 16-year old Junmar David of ACDC and 18 year-old Jhoemar Perez of UDT teamed up with veteran darters to land among the Top 4 places in the tournament presented by Robson Sportscraft and organized by the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines (NDFP).

Triples Champion   Triples 2nd Place
Champions Mel Tagalog, Michael Javier and Jay-Ar San Juan flanked by NDFP President Tito Soncuya and Robson Marketing Manager Ritchie Gannaban
2nd Placers Jojo Estrella, Noel Malicdem and Herdie Arenas flanked by NDFP Tournament Director Rommel Escubil and Robson Marketing Manager Ritchie Gannaban

Michael Javier drew fellow UDT player Jay-Ar San Juan and Mel Tagalog of Antipolo City as partners and won all legs over the twice-to-beat team of veterans Herdie Arenas (MCDO – Concepcion Dos), Jojo Estrella (U.P. Darters) and Noel Malicdem (Robson) in the Championship.

Junmar David drew UDT stalwart Orlan Bernardino and Glenn Romero of MCDO – Tañong as partners and won 3rd place while Perez teamed up with MCDO – Calumpang players Michael Francisco and Teddy Morente and won 4th place.

With less-intimidating formats like the draw triples, organizers hope to entice the marginalized sectors of the darting community such as the youth and the lady players. And in fact, this is the objective of the Robson Dart Series.

The complete results are as follows:

Champion : Michael Javier (UDT)
Jay-Ar San Juan (UDT)
Mel Tagalog (Antipolo City)
2nd place : Herdie Arenas (MCDO - Concepcion Dos)
Jojo Estrella (U.P. Darters)
Noel Malicdem (Robson)
3rd Place : Orland Bernardino (UDT)
Junmar David (ACDC)
Glenn Romero (MCDO - Tañong)
4th Place : Michael Francisco (MCDO - Calumpang)
Teddy Morente (MCDO - Calumpang)
Jhoemar Perez (UDT)
Joint 5th : Raffy Avedillo (UDT)
Edu Paginag (Robson)
Rey Santos (MCDO - Calumpang)
  : Michael Campos (BT Darters)
Mar Dacanay (MCJAE)
Willy Villasanta (Quezon City)

Aside from the cash prizes, trophies from Robson Sportscraft were given to the champion and 1st runner-up of the tournament.

The tournament was supervised by Rommel Escubil (NDFP Tournament Director).

Updated May 16, 2006  

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