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Team Captains Adopt New Dart League Guidelines for 2006 2nd Conference

With twenty-one (21) out of forty-one (41) confirmed teams represented and a quorum declared, the team captains / representatives unanimously voted and adopted new guidelines for the 2006 Robson Dart League 2nd Conference to be held starting 29 August 2006 (Tuesday) during the Team Captains’ Meeting held last Friday, 25 August 2006 at Trattoria Uno in Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Quezon City.The guidelines adopted by the team captains / representatives through a majority vote were the following:
1. League Schedule
The league will run for twelve (12) weeks starting on August 25 until November 21.
2. Team Uniform
The team uniform was officially defined as: “Collared shirt of the same color /shade.”
Uniforms with logos / names are opional.
Players must be in proper playing attire. No shorts, slippers or sandals.
Players not in uniform will not be allowed to play.
All teams must be in uniform by 12 September 2006 (3rd playing week).
2. Entry Fees
Entry fee is P1,000.00 per team.
A 50% down payment (P500.00) must be paid on or before 29 August 2006 (opening day) to deter withdrawals while the season is on-going.
The remaining 50% balance (P500.00) must be paid on or before 19 September 2006 (4th playing week).
Teams that do not pay the down payment will not be allowed to play until they settle their entry fee obligation.
3. Official Starting Time
A clock will be provided by the organizers. This will be the official time to be followed by all teams.
All games must be played by 8:30 PM whether the team is complete or not.
A five (5) minute grace period will be given for late teams.
An official default will be declared by 8:35 PM.
Text messages asking for delays / time extensions will no longer be entertained.
4. Forfeits / Defaults
Any team that defaults twice during the elimination round will automatically forfeit their prize money.
Any team that defaults after the elimination round (i.e., play-offs, semi-finals, top 4 round robin, finals, etc.) will automatically forfeit their prize money.
5. Additions / Changes in the Team Line-up
Additions / changes will only be allowed until the end of the elimination round.
Any addition / change must first be approved by the Technical Committee.
6. Playing Etiquette 
It is recommended that teams agree on the rules (i.e., toe line, scoring, etc.) prior to the start of the match to avoid protests.

The team representatives likewise voted and agreed on the grouping of the teams per division.Finally, the team captains / representatives elected the Technical Committee of the dart league amongst themselves. Unanimously voted to the eleven-man body were:
  Erning Zapanta ARDA
  Rey Juat Robson K
  Jerry Tobias Ainsmith Darters
  Dennis Razon U.P. Darters 1
  Jhunie Espares Amazing 1
  Jun Contiling One 76ers SDR Darters
  Edward Pascual ACDC - District III
  Edwin Casais MSR Tires Tantwozeros
  Orlan Bernardino UDT 3

Based on Section 5.4 of the Robson Dart League Rules and Regulations, League Statistician Ritchie Gannaban and League Organizer Tito Soncuya are automatic members of the Technical Committee.There being no other matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.

League Officials:
  1. Ritchie Gannaban League Statistician
Team Captains / Team Representatives:
  1. Glenn Romero MCDO - Pirates 1 (new team)
  2. Derick Santiago MCDO - Pirates 2 (new team)
  3. Alex Cruz Kankaloo (formerly Precise)
  4. Marvin Francisco Tumpukan
  5. Edwin Angeles Novales Dart Club 1
      Novales Dart Club 2
  6. Jerry Tobias Ainsmith Darters 1
      Ainsmith Darters 2 (new team)
  7. Dennis Razon U.P. Darters 1
      U.P. Darters 2
      U.P. Darters 3
  8. Jhunie Espares Amazing 1
  9. Joseph Figueroa Amazing 2 (new team)
  10. Ton-ton Sucgang C.H.A.I. Darters 1
      C.H.A.I. Darters 2 (new team)
  11. Carlos Balobo Thrust
  12. JP Quintano Robson Spectra
  13. Edward Pascual ACDC - District III
  14. Erning Zapanta ARDA 1
  15. Allan Basilio Shougo
  16. Tito Soncuya Robson Tungsten
Absent But With Concurring Votes:
  1. Teddy Soberano Alcodarts
  2. Sam Manalo MCDO - Knighst of Darters 2
  3. Edwin Casais MSR Tires Tantwozeros
  4. Jhun Capistrano Philpost - RODC
  5. Rey Juat Robson K
  6. Orlan Bernardino UDT 2
      UDT 3
  1. Jimmy Tolentino ARDA



Updated August 28, 2006


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