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Team Captains Elect Technical Committee;
Opening Postponed to February 28, 2006

With a quorum of twenty-nine (29) out of forty-six (46) confirmed teams represented, the team captains / representatives elected the Technical Committee of the 2006 Robson Dart League 1st Conference amongst themselves during the 2nd Team Captains’ Meeting held last Friday, 10 February 2006 at Trattoria Uno in Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Quezon City,. Unanimously voted to the eleven-man body were:
  Rey Juat Robson K
  Teddy Soberano Alcodarts
  Dennis Razon U.P. Darters 1
  Jerry Tobias Ainsmith Darters
  Jhun Capistrano Philpost - RODC
  Omeng Dumlao MCDO - Knights of Darters 2
  Edward Pascual ACDC - District III
  Edwin Casais MSR Tires Tantwozeros
  Mannie delos Reyes DaSMa A

Based on Section 5.4 of the Robson Dart League Rules and Regulations, League Statistician Ritchie Gannaban and League Organizer Tito Soncuya are automatic members of the Technical Committee.Prior to the election, the team captains / representatives were informed that the opening of the league has been postponed to 28 February 2006 (Tuesday) due to circumstances beyond the control of the league organizers.The team captains / representatives likewise amended and unanimously adopted the following guidelines from the previous meeting through a majority vote:
1. Team Uniform
All teams must be in uniform by 7 March 2006 (2nd playing week).
2. Clean-up
Team will be given schedules to help in the weekly clean-up.
3. Playing Etiquette Pamphlet
Team captains will be responsible for disseminating the information contained in the Playing Etiquette Pamphlet to their respective teams.
Violations and penalties to be imposed will be decided upon by the Technical Committee.

During the same meeting, the following guidelines were formulated and unanimously adopted by the group through a majority vote:

1. Entry Fees
All entry fees must be paid by 28 March 2006 (5th playing week).
2. Forfeits / Defaults
Teams that default twice during the elimination round will automatically forfeit their prize money.
All matches played and the remaining matches to be played by the defaulting team will be forfeited in favor of the opposing teams. This means that the opposing team will have an automatic win and a score of 9-0 in favor of the opposing team.
3. Grouping of Teams
The teams were grouped based on previous performance and team composition.
Teams in Division D will be divided into two (2) groups.

League Organizer Tito Soncuya likewise announced that tournaments among league players will be organized during the conference. The newly-formed Technical Committee will be convened to determine the format and schedule of the tournaments. There being no other matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 10:17 PM.


League Officials:
  1. Ritchie Gannaban League Statistician
  2. Tito Soncuya League Organizer
Team Captains / Team Representatives:
  1. Tito Soncuya Robson Tungsten
  2. Boie Parfan Robson Spectra
  3. Ryan Suarez Robson - MCDO (formerly MCDO - Common Room)
  4. Ferdie Conde Pitogo 1
  5. Jun Carranza Barako Darters
  6. June Gupaal MCJAE (formerly JAMEC)
  7. Edong Maldia MCDO - Knights of Darters 1
      MCDO - Knights of Darters 2
      MCDO - Knights of Darters 3
  8. Jerry Tobias Ainsmith Darters
  9. Jun Rafin U.P. Darters 2
      U.P. Darters 3
  10. Jhun Capistrano Philpost - RODC (formerly Philpost - NCR 1 & 2)
  11. Teddy Soberano Alcodarts
  12. Mannie delos Reyes DaSMa A (new team)
      DaSMa B (new team)
  13. Michael Francisco Tumpukan
  14. Toto Martirez Mr. & Mrs.
      Novales Dart Club (new team)
  15. Rommel Frias Rakers
  16. Dennis Razon U.P. Darters 1
      U.P. Darters 4 (new team)
  17. Ton-Ton Sucgang C.H.A.I. Darters(new team)
  18. Rey Juat Robson K
      K Darts 2
  19. Pol Palero Precise
  20. David Mumar Magnifico (formerly Kyao - Alerta Dental)
  21. Larry dela Cruz Pasig City Darts Club (formerly Pasig 1 & 2)
  22. Edwin Casais MSR Tyres Tantwozeros (formerly Manea Darters)
  1. Ernie Guizon Pasig City Darts Club (formerly Pasig 1 & 2)



Updated February 13, 2006


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