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(Format Revised Oct 26, 2009)  


Last October 21, Solar Sports informed us that the PDC is extending an invitation for a Philippine Qualifier to the World Darts Championship in Alexandra Palace, London, England starting December 18, 2009.

The NDFP will have a Philippine Qualifier (PQ) to the World Darts Championship but we need to fast track the Qualifier given the limited time to meet the visa processing requirements to the UK compounded by a very tight schedule of the four (4) upcoming major tournaments:

November 6-8, 2009:
P100,000 Free Registration Darterong Pinoy, Sta Lucia Mall
November 13-15, 2009:
P150,000 Baguio Centennial Open, Baguio City (Rescheduled)
P100,000 2nd Governor Mangudadatu Open Tournament, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat
November 27-30, 2009:
Manny Pacquiao 5 Million International Darts Classic.

Our window of opportunity to hold the PQ is between November 4, 2009 to November 13, 2009. We need at least 2 weeks to make the necessary preparations for the venue, etc. and to disseminate the information to the public. At the same time the Qualifier should be done before November 16, so we can forward the results to PDC and for them to mail us the official invitation to present and facilitate the processing of the UK visa. Visa processing should begin by the week of November 16, for we will be in Gensan by the week of Nov 23, 2009 for the preparation of the Manny Pacquiao 5 Million Darts Classic. It may be too late to submit visa processing by December. (20 working days needed)

Given these circumstances we cannot have the same format of the Qualifier as before. But, our framework remains the same, the world darts arena is the honored destination and aspiration of all dart players, thus the qualifier will remain open for everybody to join and to demonstrate they can fittingly represent Philippine darts. Again, we will integrate the NDFP “Order of Merit” ranking performance putting more recognition to the top ranked players in the over twenty (20) intensely contested ranking events this year and to give due acknowledgement to the year-long performance consistency of the NDFP number 1 and 2 ranked players. All these players have earned the right to be seeded. The strength of the NDFP Ranking has proven itself with the glittering performance of the top ranked NDFP players in the recently concluded Shanghai Open.

Given the tight schedule we face, the Philippine Qualifier will be held simultaneous with the P100,000 Free-Registration Darterong Pinoy at the Sta Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta, Rizal on November 6-8, 2009.

Philippine Qualifier World Dart Championship
Venue: Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta Rizal
Date: November 5-8, 2009

• Please refer to the player agreement form for complete details on your conditions for playing.

Step 1: Open Elimination to determine the top 8 Qualifiers:
November 5 –Thursday, 6:00PM
Best of 5; Double Knockout
Entry Fee: P300.00
Top 10 NDFP Ranked Players not included

Step 2: NDFP ranked players 3-10 plus Top 8 from Open Qualifier:
November 6 - Friday 12:00 PM
Best of Five (5)
Entry Fee: Ranked Players P300.00
Group I - NDFP Ranked #3-5-7-9- plus 4 drawn players from Open Qualifier
Group II - NDFP Ranked # 4-6-8-10 plus 4 drawn players from Open Qualifier
The NDFP ranked players above are fixed, if no shows then there will be less than 8 in a group
Top 4 from each group advances to final 8

Step 3: Final 8 -Round Robin: plus 2 seeded players
November 7 - Saturday 10:00 AM
Best of seven(7) 10 player round-robin

Step 4: Championship: Step Ladder
November 8 – Sunday 11AM
3rd vs 2nd place – Best of 5 sets best of 5 legs
Winner vs 1st place - Best of 7 sets best of 5 legs

Prize Breakdown: P25,000

The cash prize for the Philippine Qualifier will come from the entry fees and NDFP contingency fund, if the entry fees are not enough to cover the total cash prize.
Championship Step Ladder: (Step 5)
1st - 8,500 Philippine Qualifier WDC plus guaranteed 3,500 UK Pounds when he plays in WDC
2nd – 6,000
3rd – 4,000
4th – 2,000
5th - 1,500
6th -10th - 500

Alexandra Palace, London, England


By entering the Philippine Qualifier eliminations for the Ladbrokes.com World Darts Championships, I confirm that I am in full agreement to the following rules and conditions of my participation:

1. I understand that it is mandatory to furnish a readable copy of my valid passport with over 6 month expiration from December 18, 2009 upon reaching the Top 10 of the elimination round in anticipation of the limited visa processing time. I am fully aware that my failure to comply with this vital requirement negates any right from my side to participate and further continue the said competition;

2. I understand that I shall be subject to the direct regulation of the Organizer during the duration of the elimination process. Any infringement or questionable acts I may commit contrary to the existing Rules of Conduct of the NDFP, shall be valid grounds for my disqualification, suspension or banning from the competition and any of NDFP-sanctioned events in the future;

3. I understand that should I win the Philippine Qualifier, I am compelled to waive all my rights unconditionally and irrevocably from all prior commitments in order to devote/dedicate my time for training preparations under the auspices of NDFP. All other existing team and/or manager relationships will cease temporarily from the time that I have been selected as the Philippine Qualifier up to the last day of the World Darts Championships competition;

4. I understand that the Organizer will only assist on the facilitation/processing of my UK visa and will set aside the time for personal appearance in the processing of the visa and that I shall be solely responsible for the expenses of my companion, should I decide to have one, to accompany me to the playing venue in Alexandra Palace, UK;

5. I am fully aware that I have a guaranteed cash prize of 3,500 UK Pounds, less applicable UK taxes, which will be directly deposited to my local bank account by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) 2 weeks after competing in the World Darts Championship. Should I fail to play in the WDC this guaranteed cash prize will be forfeited by the PDC.

6. I also understand that I have to advance personally all travel, hotel and all incidental expenses that I will incur as the Philippine Qualifier to the World Darts Championship. I hereby agree that the NDFP is free from any other financial obligations pertaining to my travel;

7. I understand that once declared as the official Philippine Qualifier after the elimination process, I am duty-bound to represent the Philippines by all means. I am aware that my failure to so do, for one reason or another, shall be tantamount to my lifetime banning from all NDFP-supported and sanctioned events;

8. I hereby attest that I have read and understood all the guidelines of this agreement. My participation confirms that I have clearly understood and fully accept the above conditions.


Name _________________________

Address ________________________

Updated Oct. 23, 2009  

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