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Philippine Qualifier World Dart Championship Opening Message

The Philippine Qualifier for the World Darts Championship is made possible by Solar Sports through their links with the Professional Darts Corporation of England. We graciously thank Solar Sports for their trust and confidence in choosing NDFP as “the organizer of the Philippine Qualifier to the World Dart Championship”. In return, we can proudly say we did not fail you.

The darting community also recognizes your contribution and partnership to Philippine darts – the media exposure you generate through the continuing series in darts heavily influenced the revival and growth of darts.

The Philippine Qualifier is very timely –the decline of darts have been reversed, we are in a midst of a phenomenal dart revival – there is new interest for the sport - New darters are emerging - balikdarters are coming back. The Philippine Qualifier will further accelerate this growth.

But, unlike the bust and boom of darts before, the new growth of darts is anchored on a solid foundation – this growth is nurtured- by a viable dart Infrastructure – lead by a truly functioning national organization, the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines- with its equally functioning regional support networks led by the regional federations – aided by the vibrant nationwide local dart organizations, they all create the sustaining nationwide dart activities – lead by individuals guided with a new culture, values, and dedication. The apparatus of a national organization is in place - we are on the threshold of the golden years of darts

The Philippine Qualifier for the World Darts Championship is a breakthrough for Philippine Darts. Philippine darters gained a gateway to the most prestigious and richest dart tournament in the world – the World Darts Championship in England. Though playing against the best in the world is a formidable challenge we have the talent and human resources to meet this challenge.

The Philippine Qualifier for the World Darts Championship is historic – this is the first and only qualifier for an international competition – that is OPEN. Every one is given the chance and opportunity to participate.

The Philippine Qualifier is a tournament of hope. As darters, our shared aspiration, our hope for the future is to have a darter as a new Philippine sports hero and thus gain national recognition for the sport. The qualifier to the WDC is an opportunity to realize this hope.

The objective of the selection for the Philippine Qualifier to the World Darts Championship in England is to select the best Filipino darter, through an open, rigorous and transparent competition. He will professionally represent the Philippines as the ambassador of goodwill for Philippine darts and to hopefully bring honor and glory to the country.

To all who supported us organize and launch the first Philippine Qualifier to the World Darts Championship we thank you – To Our Event Presentor Chris Sports – Sponsors Robson Spectra dartboards –Lime Pro - Questor –Asia Brewery –our venue Festival Supermall and the support of Negros Navigation – Gameworx – Inquirer Publication and Tumbok. You made this qualifier a reality and a success.

To all the men and women who supported our cause and believed our vision – with gratitude, we all created a dynamic dart environment instilled with hope, optimism and integrity – we thank your sacrifices in our struggle for a better darting community.

Updated Sept. 28, 2007



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