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80 participants
Champion Long2x Longyapon (VL Team Davao)
2nd Place Wendell Fuentavilla (VL Team Davao)
Joint 3rd Bebot Mangle (VL Team Davao)
Joel Gonzales
Joint 5th/8th Jed Oclarit (Team Butuan)
Ogdok Panis (Team Butuan)
Marlowe Cultura (Team Butuan)
Iben Morano (Team Butuan)
72 participants (36 teams)
Champion Boy Chucas (VL Team Davao)
Tata Tambasakan (Team Pads)
2nd Place Noy Pulido ( Team PADS)
Ron Ron Gilaga ( Team Butuan RCDC)
Joint 3rd/4th Joel Gonzales
Arnold Calo (Team Butuan RCDC)
Caloy Niepes (Team Butuan)
Khil Atega (Team Butuan)
Joint 5th/8th Winnie Acampado (Team PADS)
Boboy Mendoza (Team Butuan RCDC)
Vic2x Castanares (VL Team Davao)
Junrie Dumaguing (Team Bayugan)
Noel Cosgafa (Team PADS)
Dodong Bayugan (Team PADS)
Marlowe Cultura (Team Butuan)
Charlie Jamolin (Team Butuan BCDC)
81 participants (27 teams)
Vic2x Castanares (VL Team Davao)
Tata Tambasakan (Team PADS)
Bobong Legaspi (Team PADS)
2nd Place Ogie Castillo
Ibem Morano(Team Butuan)
Marlowe Cultura ( Team Butuan)
Joint 3rd/4th  
Joint 5th/8th  
Ruel Eralino (Team Butuan)
Larry Nollora (Team Butuan)
Bebot Mangle (VL Team Davao)
Dodats Sordilla (Team Butuan)
Jed Oclarit (Team Butuan)
Charlie Jamolin (Team Butuan BCDC)
Dodong Go (Team PADS)
Noel Pascual (Team Butuan)
Joel Gonzales
Updated July 09, 2012  

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