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Manifestation of Support and Affiliation to the National Darts Federation of the Philippines
Drafted by Jong Gonzales
President Mindanao Archipelago Darts Federation (MADF)

The National Dart Foundation of the Philippines is in itself already an institution. Its goals and profound achievements can never be surpassed nor denied. It has shifted traditional and divisive approaches to dart development through a proactive and more holistic way of building a strong foundation and community of darters. It has brought Philippine darts into the mainstream of sports and into the world of professional darters. It has changed the image of darts and provided a new and clearer vision and strong commitment for the growth of darts. It has set standards of excellence, continuously improving them and virtually leading darters to achieve their best competence with high hopes and world-class aspirations. It has taken roots, it has grown, and viably sustaining.

We are the fruits of the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines. We were created and nurtured and naturally evolved into a vibrant infrastructure national in scope. We were led and are respected. We were bestowed with moral integrity and moral authority to lead. We were brought to the forefront of leadership – by ourselves, our respective organization, association, and through regional federations.

We believe that it is now time for the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines to preserve itself as an institution. Given the cohesive and truly representational dart organizations from all corners of the country, we believe that the Foundation shall now be formed into a National Federation – a federation of our organizations, a federation of competence, friendship and respect.

Thus, we, the darters and representatives of our respective dart organization, do hereby manifest to support and put our stake to the formation of the National Dart Federation of the Philippines. As a Federation, we will propagate, we will advocate, we will build consensus, we will accommodate, we will develop more competitive and world-class darters, and we will bring modest pride and great honor to ourselves, our families, our place, our organizations, and to our country.

This manifestation of support and affiliation starts this 2nd day of December 2007 and onwards.

NDFP-Manifestation of Support and Affiliation
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Updated Dec. 14, 2007  

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