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Open Singles
54 Participants
Champion Jojo Barellano
2nd Place Judy Berro
Joint 3rd/4th

Igo Calis
Ogie Castelo

Joint 5rd/8th Sammy Atanoza
King Gumanid
Jojo Bayron
Kong Zamora

Classified Doubles
68 Participants
Champion Jojo Barillano
Joel Claveesillas
2nd Place Igo Calis
Benjie Te
Joint 3rd/4th

Ogie Castelo / Dodong Paelago
Dong Maturillas / Martin Arcega

Joint 5rd/8th Lito Ped / Jun Atanoza
Kong Zamora / Joy Olayer
King Gumanid / Rey Vicoy
Updated March 23, 2011  

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