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Cebu City Launches 2010's Biggest Dart Tournament
Cebu City is back in the forefront of the Philippine darting community with the launching of the P200,000 1st M. Lhuillier Kuwarta Padala and the Osmena-Rama National Darts Open, last April 16-18, 2010 at the Yayoy’s Grill and Resto Bar, Cebu City.

This tournament is a mutual cooperation of the private sector represented by the Lhuillier Group of companies and the Local Government Unit of Cebu City led by Mayor Osmena, Vice -Mayor Rama and the City Council led by Yayoy Alcoseba, and organized by the Cebu City Employees Dart Association(CHEDA) / Cebu Ninos led by President Bert Colong. This is the 2nd NDFP national sanctioned ranking event in Cebu City.

Over a hundred players came from out of town to compete in the centrally located and conveniently accessible Cebu City. The nationwide darters were represented from as far as Baguio City to the island of Basilan with players from Davao City, GenSan, Cagayan de Oro, Pagadian, Dipolog, Butuan, Iloilo Ciity, Bacolod, Dumaguette, Cavite, Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon. The strength of the tournament can be seen with participation of the 13 players in NDFP top 16 ranked players.

Open Singles
NDFP 6th ranked Boy Gionzon of Navotas overpowered 2nd ranked Ian Perez in the Open Singles with a series of 12-15 darts out winning 7-3. Coming in joint 3rd-4th are Jojo Barellano (4th ranked) of Davao City and Ding Sumulong (11th ranked) of Pasig City. Rounding the top 8 are King Gumanid of Davao City (3rd ranked), Ricky Mijares (7th ranked), Meloy Pechera of Bacolod City and winner of the 2010 Dinagyang Open and senior player Max Pepito of Cavite.
Boy Gionzon earned the title of National Master by winning his third National Ranking Singles becoming the 6th National Masters. The elite group of National Masters is led by Boie Parfan with 9 national championships, Ian Perez with 8, Jojo Barellano with 5, Lourence Ilagan with 4 and Bert Lozano with 3 championships.

Fix Four Person Team
Data Darts Navotas of Boy Gionzon, Celso Landerito, Louie Soriano and Nayr Ocampo won over the Amber Wowee Team of Ricky Santiago, Mon Oliveros, Ding Sumulong and Cris Salinas of Manila. Team Navotas recently won the team championship of the P120,000 Magayon Festival last week.

Joint 3rd/4th were The One of Jun Espinola, Jun Jun Bayawa, Andy Quijano and Gary Buendia of Cag de Oro and Team Assasin of Las Pinas with Roger Dequit, Marlow Miguel, Max Pepito and Alvin Mallilin.

Senior Singles
Major Salbino Piad, president of the Basilan Dart Club won the Senior Singles edging Jerry Usman of Makati City 3-2. Major Piad was recently assigned as the Station Chief of the 701st Maritime Police Station in Cebu City after his tour of duty in Isabela City, Basilan Province. Joint 3rd/4th were Nick Nicaytuna of Dipolog City and Christopher Pioquinto of Cagayan de Oro.

Youth Singles
Local Player Junryl Canete of Cabreros, Cebu City won 3-1 over Jan Jan Lucanas of the Golden Friendship Dart Club of Cagayan de Oro.

Classified Draw Doubles
Players from Mindanao Jun Espinola of Cagayan de Oro teamed with Rodney Makiputin of GenSan to win over Cris Salinas of Metro Manila and Angelito Badayos of CHEDA. Rounding the joint 3rd/4th from a field of 146 registered players were Dixie Ibanez of Ozamis City/Dante Apparre of Butuan City and Roy Laude of Cebu City /Weng Soriano.

Classified Triples
In the 126 player field of the triples, the team of Ricky Santiago (Cavite)/Noel Pascual (Davao City)/Rolly Mojorenos won over the team of Popot Mondarte (Pagadian)/Buth Castanares (Butuan City)/Bert Badic (Cag de Oro).


90 participants
Champion Boy Gionzon (Datadart Navotas)
2nd Place Ian Perez (Robson Koronadal)
Joint 3rd/4th Ding Sumulong (Wowee Team Pasig)
King Gumanid (Davao)
Joint 5th/8th Max Pepito (Las Piñas)
Ricky Mijares (Robson QC)
Meloy Pechera (Iloilo)
Jojo Barellano (Davao)
Joint 9th/16th Mon Oliveros (Amber Makati)
Arnel Guba (Cebu)
Titing Commendador
Mark Palad (CDO)
Ogie Castelo (Davao)
Jun Bayawa (CDO)
Jun Noynay (Davao)
Dixie Ybanez (CDO)
16 participants
Champion Salbino Piad (Cebu City)
2nd Place Gerry Osman (Makati City)
Joint 3rd/4th Cristopher Pioquinto (CDO)
Nick Nacaytuna (Dapitan)
Joint 5th/8th Bert Colong (Cebu City)
Dante Dimaculangan (Manila)
Max Pepito (Las Piñas)
Willy Abrica (Cabreros, Cebu)
24 participants
Champion Junryl Cañete (Cabreros, Cebu)
2nd Place Jan-jan Lucañas (CDO)
Joint 3rd/4th Jun-jun Daclan (Cabreros, Cebu)
Larryson Garrido (Cabreros, Cebu)
Joint 5th/8th Arnel Baltonado (Cabreros, Cebu)
Robert Guanco (Cabreros, Cebu)
Alvin Mecani (Cabreros, Cebu)
Mark Anthony Noble (Cabreros, Cebu)
146 participants (73 pairs)
Champion Jun Espinola (CDO)
Rodney Makiputin (Gen Santos)
2nd Place Angelito Badayos (CHEDA)
Cris Salinas (Pasay City)
Joint 3rd/4th Dixie Ybanez (CDO)
Dante Aparri
Roy Laude (Cebu)
Weng Soriano
Joint 5th/8th Noel Anino (Davao City)
Nilo Janson
Mon Oliveros (Amber Makati)
Glen Bejuna
Mallilin Alvin (Cavite)
Bobot Quijones (Dubai)
Mark Palad (CDO)
Salbino Piad (Cebu Basilan)
128 participants (32 teams)
Champion Datadart Navotas
Boy Gionzon
Nayr Ocampo
Louie Soriano
Celso Landerito
2nd Place Amber Wowee Team Manila
Mon Oliveros
Ricky Santiago
Ding Sumulong
Cris Salinas
Joint 3rd/4th Assasin Las Pinas
Roger Dequit
Marlow Miguel
Max Pepito
Alvin Mallilin
The One Cagayan De Oro
Gary Buendia
Jun Espinola
Jun Bayawa
Andy Quijano
Joint 5th/8th BDCU-CDO
Dennis Carpentero
Cris Requinto
Boyet Majumot
Victor Cabal
1- Visayas
Rommel Bagotayao
Meloy Pechera
Roy Laude
Edward Kapaw-an
FG-Warriors CDO
Weng Soriano
Bert Badig
Estoy Densing
Alvin Macahilos
MVLV-1 Davao
Long Long Longyapon
Bebot Mangle
Dodong Nollora
Andy Villa
126 participants (42 teams)
Champion Ricky Santiago (Cavite)
Rolly Mojorenos (Cebu)
Noel Pascual (Davao City)
2nd Place Popot Mondarte (Pagadian)
Butch Castañares (Butuan)
Bert Badig (CDO)
Joint 3rd/4th Jun Noynay (Davao City)
Alain Abi-abi
Jun Bacalso (Cebu)
Ronillo Sordilla
Jojo Barellano (Davao)
Jomar Amperol (Cebu)
Joint 5th/8th Tony Podador (CDO)
Jerome Aguinaldo
Ian Perez (Robson Koronadal)
Jun Contilling (Datadart Manila)
Niel June Manso
Isagani Duran
Eugene Managuit (Cebu)
Alvin Villa (Cebu)
Bebot Tobianosa (Gen Santos)
Ricky Mijares (Robson QC)
Boyet Mahumot
Angelito Badayos (Cebu)
Updated April 26, 2010  

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