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In behalf of the Philippine darting community, congratulations to all Filipino darters in the recently concluded 9th ADA Tour in Hongkong. The Pinoy darters once again stood proud and showed to the world that the Philippines has a lot of competitive and excellent players. Congratulations to Arby Briones, Joseph Domanais, Ian Perez, Janjan Hinojales, Edward Santos, Bruno Parungao, Alain Abiabi, Angie Villamadrid, Mon Sabalboro, Bryan Eribal, Boy Ulang, Jerry Suwerto, Jerry Salenga and Ryan Condat.



Players came from around the globe with darters from France, Belgium, USA, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, China, Mongolia, Australia and from Hongkong to name a few. Most of the teams were represented by their best players through their national team selection process.

The highest honor of the tournament is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) won by Philippine player Joseph Domanais of Team Robson Philippines.

A considerable number of Filipino darters landed in top 8 of most events, herein are only the top 2 placing of the Darterong Pinoys:

Phoenix Cup – Champion, Team Robson Philippines
Arby Briones, Joseph Domanais, Ian Perez
Phoenix Cup – 2nd Place, Team One Philippines
Edward Santos, Bruno Parungao, Alain Abiabi
Foursome Team Challenge – Champion, Team Robson Philippines
Arby Briones, Joseph Domanais, Ian Perez, Janjan Hinojales
Asia Super Cup – Champion Edward Santos, Team One Philippines
Singles 501 – Champion Arby Briones, Team Robson
Men’s Top Gun – 2nd Joseph Domanais, Team Robson
Singles Cricket – 2nd Angie Villamadrid, Team One Philippines

The Best Championship

The Phoenix Cup finals was the last match of the tournament. It was the most watched and became the most memorable championship of the tournament. Two Philippine teams were playing, Team Robson composed of Arby Briones, Joseph Domanais and Ian Perez and Team One Philippines with Edward Santos, Bruno Parungao and Alain Abiabi. In the first game of the best of three 701 match, Team Robson threw a PERFECT GAME of 14 darts out with thirteen (13) consecutive bulls and a triple 17 by Joseph Domanais. The venue erupted in a thunderous applause. The second game was handily won by Team One Philippines. In the deciding game, Team One Philippines was down to 73 and Team Robson is to throw with 160 left. The big pressure was on Ian Perez at the toe line and threw Bulls-Bulls and Triple 20 for the match and the championship. The venue again erupted in a thunderous applause.

It is ironic that the Philippine delegation showed excellent darts in a country with no soft tip infrastructure. There are no soft tip tournaments and virtually no soft tip machines. Added to this there are very limited soft tip accessories for darters to choose from. If we are to open opportunities to most of our darters to compete in soft tip tournaments we need to meet the basic infrastructure of the soft tip darts.

The game of cricket is a basic mode of play in soft tip tournaments, whereas international steel tip tournaments virtually do not include Cricket. I have seen a lot Filipino darters competing in soft tip tournaments lacking the basic strategic know-how in the game of Cricket. If we are to compete in the soft tip arena of darts we need to reevaluate the integration of Cricket in our tournament setup. Only through the continuous competitive exposure to Cricket can our players learn to master the basic expertise of the game. The game of Cricket is different from the game Killers.

As more Filipino players continue to seek fame and recognition in the international arena, we should not forget that a lot more of our homegrown talent lack the sponsorship support and the logistics to travel on their own. The National Darts Federation of the Philippines is very aware of this fact and as an organization will strive to secure and provide sponsorship support and to open the opportunity for deserving darters the chance to compete in the international arena.

Watch for the next write-up on How Soft Tip Dart Tournaments are played, which have its own rules and procedures.

Updated April 24, 2013  

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