The Philippine Qualifier is the first tournament in three years where the top national players participated. The question - who are the best Philippine darters - have been answered.

The Philippine Qualifier was national in scope, both in the participation of the open qualifying singles and in the seeded players, the search for the best player was fulfilled.

The results of the top 8 finishers reflected a national distribution of the Philippines’ top players and validated the leadership of the National Dart Foundation of the Philippines national ranking.

Philippine darts took a giant step forward – a milestone was made and a standard for an international selection set.

Player’s triumphant reaffirmation, shattered dreams, vanquished aspirations, and shed tears – these are the individual stories of the Philippine Qualifier.
  Open Qualifier
September 21, 2007 - 5:00 PM

The Philippine Qualifier to the World Darts Championship started with an OPEN singles qualifier on Friday, September 21, 2007 for all the unseeded players. The Top 16 in the double knockout qualifier will join the top 16 ranked NDFP players and the 4 wild card players from the regional eliminations.

One-hundred six (106) players registered in the open qualifier. Participation was national in scope and included the Philippines’ top players – herein is the breakdown of registration:
• 22 - Northern Luzon with majority coming from Baguio-Benguet area
• 15 - Bicol Region from Daet to Lepaspi
• 18 - Southern Luzon including Quezon, Laguna, Cavite and Batangas
• 11 - Visayas from Iloilo to Cebu
• 12 - Mindanao – Koronadal, Davao, Cotabato, Gensan, Cagayan de Oro
• 28 – Metro Manila Area

The national participation of players is a tribute to the regional support networks led by the participation of the following presidents and their organizations:
• Jong Gonzales – Mindanao Archipelago Darts Federation (MADF)
• Darius Arana – Bicol Darts Federation (BDF)
• Nards Andawi – Baguio Benguet Darts Organization (BBDO)
• Pepe Ponce – Iloilo City Darts Federation (ICDF)
• Bert Colong – Cebu City Hall Employees Darts Association (CHEDA)

  Round Robin Phase:
Saturday – September 22, 2007

The round robin phases started with an appeal from NDFP President Tito Soncuya to professionally compete in the round robin. “To desist from the old practice of giving matches especially in the latter rounds when matches may have no bearing either win or lose to some players. We must assure that the best advances and the only thing we demand is to play your best with no reservations, allegiance and indebtedness to anyone. We must never compromise the integrity of the sport.”

Open Qualifiers:
• Winners Bracket: Jesse Anion, Robert Reyes, Rommel Mijares, Lawrence Ilagan, Roy Laude, Jong Gonzales, Tajjie Tagudar, Hino Digma
• Loser Bracket: Emil Manga, Boy Gionzon, Toto Andrade, Celso Landrito, Ricky Santiago, Anthony Benitez, Alain Commendador, Eddie Barsubia

NDFP Ranked Player:
1. Dodong Nollora 2. Boie Parfan, 3. Jojo Barellano, 4. Ian Perez, 5. Dixie Ibanez, 6. Noel Malicdem, 7. Pabling Cadunong, 8. Richie Ebol, 9. King Gumanid, 10. Orlan Bernardino, 11. Ed Almasco, 12. Bobot Estrellan, 13. Angelo Masa, 14. Bryan Decena, 15. Macho Reyes, 16. Ronan Tom

Wild Card Seeded Players:
The four wild card players came from the regional elimination:
• Mark Quiteng –Baguio Benguet Dart Organization (BBDO)
• Dennis de la Torre – Daet, Camarines Norte, Bicol Darts Federation (BDF)
• James Saballa – Iloilo City Darts Federation (ICDF)
• Jecle Rosales –Davao City, Mindanao Archipelago Darts Federation (MADF)

  1st Phase Groupings and Results

The grouping of players in the different groups is predetermined in the chart of the Philippine Qualifier’s Tournament Guide. The grouping for the open singles qualifiers is set coming from the drawn bracketing chart.

Results Name Seeding Team/Dart Org City
7-1 Robert Reyes Open Qualifier Romy's Shooters Antipolo
6-2 Dodong Nollora NDFP Ranked 1 D'Directors - MADF Butuan City
6-2 Boy Gionzon Open Qualifier Navotas Darters Navotas
5-3 Emil Manga Open Qualifier Romy's Shooters Angono
5-3 King Gumanid NDFP Ranked 9   Davao City
3-5 Ritchie Ebol NDFP Ranked 8   Davao City
3-5 Dennis de la Torre Seeded-BDF Bicol Darts Federation Daet, Cam Norte
1-7 Tom Ronan NDFP Ranked 16 BBDO Baguio
0-8 Jessie Anion Open Qualifier Sniper-Pier 1 San Juan MM

Results Name Seeding Team/Dart Org City
7-1 Boie Parfan NDFP Ranked 2 Robson - MCDO Makati
6-2 Celso Landrito Open Qualifier Fantoy-Terton Makati
6-2 Rommel Mijares Open Qualifier D'Directors - MADF Davao City
5-3 Orlan Bernardino NDFP Ranked 10 Robson - UDT Taytay, Rizal
4-4 Lawrence Ilagan Open Qualifier Phil Team-World Cup Cainta, Rizal
3-5 Pabling Cadungog NDFP Ranked 7 D-Directors - MADF Cotabato City
3-5 Macho Reyes NDFP Ranked 15 Marikina City Dart Org Marikina
2-6 Toto Andrade Open Qualifier Sniper-Pier 1 Tondo, Mla
0-8 Mark Quiteng Seeded-BBDO BBDO Baguio

Results Name Seeding Team/Dart Org City
8-0 Jojo Barellano NDFP Ranked 3   Davao City
7-1 Roy Laude Open Qualifier CHEDA Cebu City
5-3 Alain Commendador Open Qualifier AGENDARTS GenSan
4-4 Bryan Decena NDFP Ranked 14 SocoDarts - MADF Koronadal
4-4 Eddie Barsubia Open Qualifier   Manila
3-5 Ed Almasco NDFP Ranked 11 United Darters - Cavite Cavite
3-5 Noel Malicdem NDFP Ranked 6 Robson - MCDO Pasig
2-6 Jong Gonzales Open Qualifier SocoDarts - MADF Koronadal
0-8 James Saballa Seeded-ICDF Iloilo City Dart Fed Iloilo City

Results Name Seeding Team/Dart Org City
6-2 Ian Perez NDFP Ranked 4 Robson - MADF Koronadal
6-2 Dixie Ibanez NDFP Ranked 5 The One - CDO Cagayan de Oro
5-3 Ricky Santiago Open Qualifier Sniper's - Pier One Cavite
5-3 Angelo Masa NDFP Ranked 13 United Darters-Cavite Cavite
4-4 Hino Digma Open Qualifier Padsekeros Baguio
3-5 Anthony Benitez Open Qualifier United Darters-Cavite Cavite
3-5 Jecle Rosales Seeded-MADF MADF Davao City
2-6 Bobot Estrellan NDFP Ranked 12 AGENDARTS GenSan
2-6 Tajjie Tagudar Open Qualifier BBDO Baguio

2nd Phase results

The grouping is based on the ranking and placement in the phase one of the qualifier as stated in the Tournament Guide.

6-1 Ian Perez NDFP Ranked 4
6-1 Ricky Santiago Open Qualifier
5-2 Robert Reyes Open Qualifier
3-4 Rommel Mijares Open Qualifier
3-4 Celso Landrito Open Qualifier
2-5 Roy Laude Open Qualifier
2-5 Alain Commendador Open Qualifier
1-6 Emil Manga Open Qualifier

5-2 Boie Parfan NDFP Ranked 2
5-2 Dixie Ibanez NDFP Ranked 5
5-2 Orlan Bernardino NDFP Ranked 10
4-3 Jojo Barellano NDFP Ranked 3
3-4 Boy Gionzon Open Qualifier
2-5 Angelo Masa NDFP Ranked 13
2-5 Dodong Nollora NDFP Ranked 1
2-5 Bryan Decena NDFP Ranked 14

3rd Phase - September 23, 10:00 AM

Results Name Seeding Team/Dart Org City
6-1 Jojo Barellano NDFP Ranked 3   Davao City
5-2 Orlan Bernardino NDFP Ranked 10 Robson - UDT Taytay, Rizal
5-2 Boie Parfan NDFP Ranked 2 Robson - MCDO Makati
4-3 Dixie Ibanez NDFP Ranked 5 The One- CDO Cagayan de Oro
4-3 Ricky Santiago Open Qualifier Sniper's - Pier One Cavite
2-6 Ian Perez NDFP Ranked 4 Robson-SocoDarts Koronadal
1-6 Rommel Mijares Open Qualifier D-Directors Davao City
1-6 Robert Reyes Open Qualifier Romy's Shooters Antipolo

Step-Ladder – See story “Barellano Wins Philippine Qualifier”

  P15,000 Classified Draw Doubles
September 22 – 6:00 PM

One-hundred sixty (160) players representing the spectrum of the Philippine darting community registered Classified Draw Doubles.

Champion: King Gumanid (Davao City) / Anjo Lardizabal (Sta. Rosa, Laguna)

2nd Place: Cris Salinas (Pasay) / Reggie Esperas (Las Pinas)

3rd Place: Tajjie Tagudar (Baguio) / Michael Ponce (ACDC, Manila)

4th Place: Pabling Cadunong (Cotabato City) / Jinggy Alang (Bicol Darts Fed)

  P20,000 Classified Draw Triples
September 23- 3:00 PM

On the third day, exhaustion prevailed. The horrendous traffic in the South Luzon Expressway dampened further participation, provincial darters prepared to go home awaiting only the results of the qualifier. Eighty seven (87) players participated.

Mark Quiteng (BBDO-Baguio) / Bonin Eson (San Pablo, Laguna) /Ging Martirez (Robson)

2nd Place:
Hino Digma (Baguio) / Doy Abiad (Paranque) / Glenn Romero (MCDO)

3rd Place:
Angelito Badayos (CHEDA) / JR Alcantara (Pasay) / Sam Miranda (Valenzuela)

4th Place:
Bryan Decena (Socdarts) / Joel Palalay (Carmona) / Glen Magsino (BDA-Batangas City)